You Can't Be a SUCCESS
AND A secret!

If you are an author, podcaster, expert or entrepreneur, one of your biggest problems is probably that you are invisible. We can help with that. Nicola Cairncross has over 25+ Years Digital Marketing & Online Business Management experience and we now offer Consultancy, Training & Mentoring, also 'done for you' WordPress & Marketing Services

Consultancy Services

If you have your own Social Media team, you can work with Nicola Cairncross on a consultancy basis to create & then maintain an effective overall digital marketing strategy.

Training  & Mentoring

Want to learn how to DIY? We offer proven video training, a lively community area where Nicola answers questions & weekly live Q&A sessions hosted on Zoom.

WordPress Services

We can install a simple WordPress site for you, just like this one, copy your site over onto WordPress, maintain your existing site & work on special projects for you.

Roger 'Dodge' Woodall

Dodge came to us when his Bournemouth 7's Festival was locked down in 2020. 

We helped him create a brand new business and Top 3 Apple Podcast.  Dodge also launched his own training course for Events Entrepreneurs.

He is now also the co-host of the Harry Rednapp Show.


Andy Shaw

Property multi-millionaire, investor and best-selling author twice over,

Andy's latest 'Bug Free Mind' books sell in over 150 countries and have changed many people's lives for the better.

He says what I taught him about internet marketing has changed the course of his life.

Neil Asher

Neil founded Aussie Online Entrepreneurs, a community of over 2500 Amazon sellers, many making over $1 million online.

Neil regularly consults with me about his social media strategy and says he's made millions from my advice.

His YouTube channel has achieved views of over 1 million in under three years.

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