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Welcome! Clicks & Leads is a Brighton based Digital Marketing Consultancy, working with business owners & extraordinary entrepreneurs to build a powerful brand, digital assets & recurring revenue.

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, expert, author or specialist, we'll help you create a largely automated digital marketing machine, where you do ONLY the bits that ONLY you can do, while outsourcing the rest to an expert team. We can teach you how to do that, or do it for you.

This results in more traffic to your website, more highly qualified leads, more sales, more profits and, ideally, an ongoing revenue stream for your business.

Successful clients have included Roger 'Dodge' Woodall, Andy Shaw, Neil Asher, Bernadette Doyle, Kate Cocker, Lisa Turner, Adrian Savage, Pete Jenkins, Jacqueline Rogers, Dr Jane P. Lewis, Dan Norris, Sharon Gaskin, Nicola Bird, Linda Cassells, Rachel Henke & many many more.

With over 25 years experience, we are the 'secret weapon' behind many successful business owners, and amazing entrepreneurs but we take the back seat happily, while our clients shine.  

We will help you create coherent digital marketing strategies, then implement them fast across the social media platforms your customers or clients use. Wherever they go, there you and your business will be, offering value-driven content that keeps you front of mind when they need your products or services.

Your first step is to download Nicola's book "Attract 3.0" free (or you can buy the paperback version on Amazon) and we'll be in touch shortly afterwards to see if you would like to speak to Nicola

about your business digital marketing goals.


Neil asked me to speak in Australia for his Aussie Entrepreneurs and I shared my 'Be Everywhere Online' system for Social Media Marketing. During the presentation, Neil realised that he could do a LOT more with his social media and booked a 2-hour coaching session. Then, a year later, when he'd actioned everything, he booked another one!

Turns out that just one of the things I suggested has made a lot of money for Neil, by effortlessly attracting many more of his ideal clients. I subscribe to his channel, naturally, and noticed the other day that he is coming up on one million views and over 14,000 subscribers.

The thing I love most about this outcome, is that his YouTube channel is a side benefit from content he was naturally creating elsewhere weekly anyway! Any extra work is handled by his VA, so no extra work for Neil personally.

Well done Neil! He took action and here are the results. 

Andy Shaw

Creator "Bug Free Mind" Process & Best Selling Author Twice Over

Tens of thousands of pounds worth of extra business from re-marketing with value driven content to new subscribers that didn't buy on first visit. To say I'm delighted would be an understatement! I've even mailed my entire list about you!

Starting From Scratch?

Together, we'll identify the ideal customer or client for your product or service, then we'll support you either in either a Mentoring, Consulting or Full Service role to create content marketing assets which will turn into relationship building social media content, on the social media platforms we decide with you are appropriate. 

We Won't Lock You In!

While we mentor people in the Academy for one year minimum, our Consultancy won't lock you into a long contract. After the first three months, we'll decide together if we are a good fit and enjoy working together. If we do, your contract will continue usually on a one-month rolling basis with just one month's notice on either side.

Our Kind Of Client?

Our only goal is to have fun working with amazing entrepreneurs.  Yours is to achieve a positive return on investment for your business. This is a working partnership and we'll usually only choose to work with grown up businesses, with an ethical product or service and a proven track record of making sales offline, already.

Whatever you do, it just works. You bring me quality leads that seem to effortlessly turn into customers! I've recommended you to several of my best clients and they are all delighted with your services too.

Adrian Savage

Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and Business  Automation Expert

I could not believe how fast it was! From the first Facebook Ads we attracted a new mentoring client worth $4650 from an ad spend of just $467, when we were advertising one of our events.

Richard Leonard

Richard Leonard, HMO Property Investor / Trainer

Bernadette Doyle

Online Business Coach & Creator,

One of the best business decisions I made this year. We quickly achieved positive ROI and it's growing all the time. I recommend Nicola to all my clients who want to get more traffic from Facebook

Why Choose Us? is owned and managed by veteran Internet Marketing specialist Nicola Cairncross.

Nicola has over 25 years experience of marketing 'real world' businesses online using her powerful content marketing system.

Clients include Roger "Dodge" Woodall, founder of Bournemouth 7's, host of 'Eventful Entrepreneur' podcast & co-host of The Harry Redknapp Show.

Well known in their own fields are Andy Shaw, bestselling author of "Your Money For Nothing & Your Property for Free" and "A Bug Free Mind", Neil Asher, founder of Aussie Online Entrepreneurs, Bernadette Doyle of Client Magnets and Dr Jane P. Lewis, Huna Healing Expert.

You may also know top UK copywriter Nick James, Nicola Bird of JigsawBox & The Simplicity Project, Sharon Gaskin, Founder of The Trainers Training Company, Adrian Savage, top UK Infusionsoft Consultant and Lisa Turner, Founder of Psycademy.

All have enjoyed digital marketing advice & strategic mentoring while others took advantage of our Consultancy or Full Service offers.

Over The Years We Have Worked With Clients As Diverse As...

* international music festivals
* award winning business lawyers
* round-the-world superyacht skipper
* singing coach
* radio presenter / producer
* stock-market trading training company
* house music record labels
* hydroponic wheatgrass manufacturers
* cataract eyedrops for dogs & horses
* a boutique hotel
* an empty room in Mayfair
* a global cement specialist
* coaches of all specialities
* a top end restaurant
* fitness experts & cycle tours
* an angel healer
* gold & silver options investing training
* clutter clearing and fertility experts...
* and many, many more!


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