October 18

5 Fast Tips For Aspiring Business Owners (From Someone With 25+ Years Experience)


Title: Top 5 Tips for Aspiring Business Owners Introduction: In this blog post, we will discuss the top five tips for aspiring business owners. These tips are based on the personal experience of Nicola Cairn Cross, a self-employed business owner with 28 years of experience. We will debunk some common misconceptions and provide valuable insights for those looking to start their own business. 1. Don’t rely on big business magazines: Nicola advises against taking advice from big business magazines.

According to her, these magazines are often run by individuals who lack practical business experience. Reporters, who are generally freelancers, may not have the firsthand knowledge required to provide accurate guidance. Instead, aspiring business owners should seek advice from successful entrepreneurs who have hands-on experience in their respective industries. 2. Find a mentor: Nicola emphasizes the importance of finding a mentor.

A mentor is someone who is successfully doing what you aspire to do. Sharing your ideas with a mentor can provide valuable feedback and guidance. Contrary to popular belief, most successful business owners are willing to help and share their knowledge. Mentors can offer advice, support, and help you navigate the challenges of starting a business. 3.

Focus on business to consumer (B2C) sales: Selling products or services directly to consumers is often easier than selling to other businesses. Nicola suggests considering what the average consumer wants and tailoring your offerings accordingly. While selling to businesses may seem appealing due to potential tax benefits, it can be more challenging to convince business owners to make a purchase. By targeting consumers, you can tap into a larger market and potentially achieve greater success. 4.

Get in front of a hungry crowd: To succeed in business, it is crucial to identify and reach your target audience. Nicola advises aspiring business owners to find ways to connect with a large group of potential customers who are eager for the products or services they offer. Social media platforms can be effective tools for building trust and reaching a wider audience. Building a strong online presence and creating compelling offers can help attract customers and drive sales. 5.

Make an irresistible offer with a no-risk guarantee: To entice customers, Nicola suggests making an irresistible offer with a risk-free guarantee. By taking all the risk off the customer and putting it on yourself, you create a sense of trust and confidence. Offering a refund or a satisfaction guarantee can give customers peace of mind and encourage them to make a purchase. Providing excellent customer service and addressing any concerns promptly can help build a loyal customer base. Conclusion: Starting a business can be a challenging endeavor, but with the right guidance and strategies, aspiring business owners can increase their chances of success.

By disregarding misleading advice from big business magazines, finding a mentor, focusing on B2C sales, targeting a hungry crowd, and making irresistible offers with no-risk guarantees, entrepreneurs can set themselves up for a prosperous future. Remember, success in business often comes from learning from those who have already achieved it.

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