FREE 5-Day Challenge Reveals How Business Owners, Experts & Authors Can Streamline,  Leverage & Outsource Their Social Media Content In Order To Start To Attract Their Ideal Customer Or Client

 Join the "Clicks & Leads 5-Day Challenge" and fix your lack of leads and prospects by using this one simple, but often overlooked strategy which is fun, easy, efficient, authentic and, best of all, will start to attract your ideal clients (while you get on with what you do best - running your business).

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What's The Challenge All About, Nicola?

  • I'll share my easy, fun system for generating evergreen content that attracts your ideal client, who comes 'ready to buy' because they already know, like and trust you.
  • I reveal how to outsource the boring repetitive bits incredibly affordably, ensuring your social media marketing actually gets done!
  • You'll discover my simple, logical system to create, enhance and leverage your evergreen social media content across all relevant platforms, so that you meet your future clients on whichever platform they work and play on.
  • You'll be given exclusive access to our Challenge 'Members Only' Facebook Group along with everyone else taking part in the Challenge.  Learn from your peers!
  • Every day, I'll share one action item in the group for you to complete then you'll post in the comments how you get on. Each task can be done in under 30 minutes and I'll be on hand to answer any questions you have.  
  • You'll meet new business minded folks and you never know, your next ideal client may be in there too!

All Testimonials Are From Recent Challenge Participants BUT Your Results Cannot Be Guaranteed, Everyone Works At Different Speeds,  But I Can Guarantee That I Will Be There Every Day To Help You!

Who Is Leading The Challenge?

Nicola Cairncross woke up at the age of 38 with two small kids (and a husband who had just been made redundant for the third time) and realised that if anything was to change she had better take control of her own destiny.

She started reading personal development books, hired a coach and within 2 short years, turned things around completely.  

She bought a £500,000 hotel, called The Acacia in Worthing, wrote a book about her journey called "The Money Gym" and launched a thriving coaching practice of the same name.  By year three she was living in Spain with her family, returning for monthly workshops, hosted in her own hotel.

Nicola Cairncross

Then came the worldwide recession and credit crunch in 2008 - 2010 which brought her back to earth with a BIG bump but she took what she'd learned about marketing her business online and started a digital marketing agency called Clicks & Leads, mentoring and offering 'done for you' services to solopreneurs, authors & experts and founder/leaders of SME's.  

She launched her '5 Day Challenge' in 2018 and it's been helping business owners ever since.

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