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Tell Me, Do You Want To Attract More Of Your Ideal Client Or Customer While Cutting Down Your Social Marketing?

  • Would you like to create a winning online business strategy and attract new customers or clients via a largely outsourced or automated marketing system?
  • Would you like to turn your existing expertise or content into compelling social media content that attracts hot prospects, who arrive ready to buy?
  • Would you like to learn how to systemise and outsource your social media marketing so that you spend more time “working in” your business, rather than marketing your business?
  • Would you like to finally get control of your cashflow (business & personal), focus on profits and maximise your business to suit your lifestyle, while enjoying financial peace of mind?

Here's Just One Of Our Happy Clients, Founder Of

Earnings Disclaimer: Please note that Neil is a successful businessman, with an already thriving business.  He took massive action and we can make no guarantees that your results will be similar to Neil's results.

Chris Barrow

Founder, & Survivor, C4's The Island, Series 1

Nicola helped me create a new business out of a miscellaneous assortment of previous materials and an old mailing list; we launched a new coaching programme and business in about 3 weeks flat, along with an evergreen marketing system, a strong social media presence, a brand new membership site and two new coaching programmes.

She knew who to use, which software to work with, it was a fast, painless job. I was so delighted. I knew I could leave her to it, while concentrating on the bits I’m good at; speaking, writing and coaching."

Well, Great News, I Can Help!

My name is Nicola Cairncross and I’ve got 25+ years experience of not only creating and running several successful businesses online but also of helping hundreds of specialist business people, in many diverse industries, to do that too.

We’ll start where you are now, taking your specific business goals into account and work out which bits you are missing, where you need to focus first to dramatically improve your results.

This is NOT a “one size fits all” programme, whichever level you choose, you’ll be working with me to create and achieve your ideal online business and content marketing  strategy, generating clicks, leads, sales and profits for your business.

Nicola Cairncross

I am lucky enough to divide my time between Shoreham-By-Sea, Brighton and Stoupa in The Mani, Greece. This is not by accident, I knew when I first came here that I would want to live and work here.  It only took 30 years!

Because I was “bright but could do better” at school and my early working life was a disaster as, while I knew I was an entrepreneur, I knew nothing about building a successful business.

Finally, in 1995, I bought my first domain name and started online with nothing at 38 years old. In the last 10 years, I created four successful businesses online and now I’m a successful digital marketing consultant, a 5 x business author, podcaster and speaker.

I’ve been through a few major life changes but the one thing that has stayed constant is my ability to run my business digitally, working with amazing clients, doing something I absolutely love!

Three years ago, I fulfilled a lifelong dream of moving to live at least half the year in Greece (at least until my grand-kids come along!)

On the blog here, in my vzine and podcast, I share all my knowledge and expertise on how to build a compelling brand online, how to leverage your knowledge and skills into digital content, but especially how to “Be Everywhere Online” without working more than mornings.

Kate Cocker

"OK, my diary is already full now for Q1 2018 and it’s only near the end of January! I’m putting my prices up again.  So.....what do we do next?”

I highly recommend working with Nicola to anyone who is serious about marketing their business online.

What's So Different About
Clicks & Leads Academy?

Daily unlimited access to your own personal mentor, Nicola Cairncross, for a start!  Most multi-thousand dollar programmes don't offer that?  

Yes, you can ask as many questions as you need to, getting Nicola’s feedback and advice within hours. We also offer a private coaching track for those thorny issues you don’t want to share in public.  Both of those benefits are unparalleled in the coaching & mentoring arena.

Also, while we do have a couple of guided “Starter” routes, if you are a more experienced business person, we don’t try and force you through a “one size fits all” programme.

We will work with you, from where you and your business are right now, to where you want to be.

"Wow! Nicola, I am not used to such support and always so prompt as well. Actually makes me feel quite emotional! Thank you so much!” Duane German, Clicks & Leads Academy Member

Bev Meade

The term ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’ has never seemed so pertinent.

Working with Nicola has opened my eyes to so many of the elements that I was missing in my online marketing efforts. Nicola has a great style and each day is broken down into straightforward and manageable steps.

The support from Nicola is second to none and the encouragement from the rest of the group keeps you motivated as you move through each new activity together. Yes, it takes commitment but I started to gain new followers after only a few days in.

I highly recommend working with Nicola to anyone who is serious about marketing their business online.

What's Included?

  • Unlimited access to all of Nicola’s step-by-step “how to” video training programmes. Many of these programmes sold individually for around $1500.  TOTAL VALUE = £2,000 / $2200
  • Monthly LIVE video Q&A / Surgeries where Nicola turns up - on video webinar and stays till you know what to do next. TOTAL VALUE = £26000 / $28,600 Per Year
  • A help forum monitored by Nicola daily - get answers to your burning questions pretty much immediately.  TOTAL VALUE = £26000 / $28,600 Per Year
  • A lively community of your business peers – get honest feedback, encouragement and possibly even new clients TOTAL VALUE = PRICELESS
  • There's even a private 1:2:1 coaching track with Nicola for more sensitive issues such as finances or emotions - there are no other high level coaching programmes that offer this for less than £12,000 a year!  TOTAL VALUE = £12,000 / $13,200

PLUS You Will Enjoy These Three Extra Bonuses
Total Value £607 / $667 


"Beyond The Laptop Lifestyle" Summit
Enjoy in-depth Interviews with 18 globally successful business owners who are 100% location independent!  Discover how they got started, what their business models are, the obstacles they overcame along the way, what they most love about being location independent.



Live Workshop Recordings
This was a two day workshop I hosted at Getwick.  Day One was how to get started with an onlline business OR how to get started marketing your real world business online.  Day Two gives you a great overview of the "Be Everywhere Online" process with questions from real business delegates.

VALUE £247 / $271


The Money Gym Brand New For 2019 - Exclusive and 100% upgraded Money Gym Package, including the digital book, the paperback, the brand new Audio version, 20 x "My Best Money Tip" interviews with seriously successful people AND a VIP Invite to the "Missing Chapter" webinar in September 2019

£79 / $86

Total Value Of Your Membership

£66,000 / $72,600

Per Year 

academy mastermind

Everything included in Academy PLUS private quarterly 1:2:1 calls.



/ per year

  • Monthly Private Calls
  • Regular Q&A Calls
  • Private Forum
  • Private Coaching 
  • Video Training
Private mentoring

Everything included in Academy PLUS private 1:2;1 mentoring calls.



/ per year

  • Weekly Private Calls
  • Regular Q&A Calls
  • Private Forum
  • Private Coaching
  • Video Training

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To Join Clicks & Leads Academy at the most popular Level, your investment is just £3.55 / $3.90 a day.  It really is the cost of one good coffee every day.

There are three Payment Options and great discounts available for decisive action takers - see above.  

Join now and enjoy all our trainings, immediate access & ongoing support for less than the cost of one cappuccino a day in most towns!  By joining now you will lock in your Membership Fee at today's rate.  You will never pay more, even when our Membership Fees rise, as they do periodically.

** By joining Clicks & Leads Academy you are hereby agreeing to our "Action Takers Guarantee" (see below) & our Terms Of Use which you can find here.  You are also confirming that you have read our Earnings Disclaimer.

Alexis Garnaut-Miller

Nicola is such an incredibly awesome expert on internet marketing and wealth creation via business. She rates right up there as my favourite #1 UK female Entrepreneur for her expertise, enthusiasm and ability to stimulate action in her clients or audiences…. an outstanding and credible speaker, coach, mentor and all round great fun professional.

She is one of the people I most trust to give straight-up, hard-nosed business advice or ideas when I have had challenging business questions to answer over the years. Nicola is an extremely inspiring Speaker on entrepreneurship, marketing and real-world business!

Alexis Garnaut-Miller Executive Performance Coach & Founder, The Happiness Centre, West London.

Rachel Henke


The 21 Day Challenge within Clicks & Leads Academy is brilliant! I loved the no-fluff quick videos and easy to implement steps which build upon each other.

I’ve got a lot of experience in online marketing but this challenge helped me to focus on the latest cutting-edge strategies for using video and for getting my Living Fearlessly message out there in a powerful way.

Nicola Cairncross’ support is unwavering and I’m enjoying marketing for the first time in a while, which is a wonderful surprise! 

My very first video began generating leads immediately so I’m thrilled.

Neil Asher

Aussie Online

Nicola’s social media marketing programme is perfect for people who don’t like to sell.  

I’m attracting high ticket clients from following it to the letter, who come pre-sold, both on me and my Aussie Online offers.

Debbie Evran

I have to say that compared to a lot of other coaching I’ve paid £££££ for, Nicola Cairncross really over delivers.  

As someone who works from home the Clicks & Leads Academy weekly calls are invaluable – they keep you on track and focused on the task at hand.

30 Day Money Back
"Action Takers" Guarantee

I offer a 100% No-Questions-Asked “Money Back” Satisfaction Guarantee for the first 30 days - on all Memberships.

However, please note:

This is not a pie-in-the-sky magic button or shiny box solution.  

Some enjoyable work will be required on your part (but I will be there 100% for you to support you, train you and hold your hand every step of the way).


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