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Nicola Cairncross here and I want to warmly welcome you!

I've been online for more than 25+ years and most of that, I've been marketing my own businesses using content marketing techniques, even before 'social media' was officially invented,  It only works!  But it's hard to consistently create content that attracts and then converts prospects to paying customers or clients.  

Over the years, however, I've developed and honed my personal system to create great content, content you enjoy making easily and quickly, then leveraging that content to 'be everywhere online'. I've also helped hundreds of business owners to do that too. We can 100% show you how to do that too.

If you are an author, podcaster, expert or entrepreneur, someone who already creates content, it's even easier.  By setting up a proven system, you can do the bits that only you can do (and outsource the rest).  

If you have more time than budget, and want to learn, we can teach you every step of the way!

The first step is to join my 'Be Everywhere Online' 5-Day Challenge and I can show you the ropes!

Nicola Cairncross | Clicks & Leads

Nicola Cairncross
Author, Speaker, Digital Marketing Consultant

The 'Be Everywhere Online' System

1. Create weekly content

No matter what your business, you will have an idea of your 'Ideal Customer or Client'. Are they the most profitable ones, the ones that you get the best results for? The ones that you most enjoy working with? Maybe all three?
Let's create content that solves their problems! 

2. enhance that content

We will show you how to, easily & effortlessly, create content designed to attract your ideal customer or client. You will then discover how to elevate and enhance that content so that your potential prospect enjoys consuming it & wants to work with you (and only you!)

3. share that content

Once enhanced, as part of the production process, your content will be ready to share on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.  It can even be cut down for Tiktok or YouTube Shorts, if you want to be seen there.

Roger 'Dodge' Woodall

Dodge came to us when his Bournemouth 7's Festival was locked down in 2020. 

We helped him create a brand new business and Top 3 Apple Podcast.  Dodge also launched his own training course for Events Entrepreneurs.

He is now also the co-host of the Harry Rednapp Show.


clare hanbury

Clare Hanbury runs a children's charity in Africa, designed to help impoverished families get essential information about nutrition and health.

We showed her how to create an ebook and simple website, designed to reach the people who could disseminate the information fastest.

That little ebook/website combo went on to generate over $130,000 in sales for the charity in under 3 years. Automatically.

Neil Asher

Neil founded Aussie Online Entrepreneurs, a community of over 2500 Amazon sellers, many making over $1 million online.

Neil regularly consults with me about his social media strategy and says he's made millions from my advice.

His YouTube channel has achieved views of over 1 million in under three years.

are you ready to join the 'be everywhere online' 5-Day challenge?

Andy Shaw, Author & Investor

It's no exaggeration to say that what Nicola taught me about the internet and digital marketing changed the direction of my life.

Bestselling Author of 'Your Money For Nothing & Your Property For Free' and the 'Bug Free Mind' books.