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What You’ll Learn In This Webinar:

The advent of the global pandemic has severely curtailed the earning potential of many people who previously relied on working in person to make a great living.  

The good news is that, by FINALLY creating that online course you have always meant to get around to, you will not only improve your bottom line earnings but will enhance your marketing efforts too.  The sales of an online course can often underpin your online advertising costs and enable you to outsource your social media marketing too.  

Now is the time to let your expertise shine online! A great online course not only displays your expertise and will attract your ideal clients or customers.

Roger 'Dodge' Woodall, founder of Bournemouth 7's Festival is working with us to build his personal brand & create a course for events entrepreneurs.

Sell Your Course First

There's no point creating a course that nobody wants to buy!  How can you tell if yours is a winner? This webinar will show you how...

Test! Test! Test!

Start small.  We'll start with a 'Minimum Viable Product (MVP)' that delivers great value and you'll build out from there

Make It Easy To Buy!

You'd not believe how hard it is to find most people's courses, much less to buy them.  I'll tell you the cheapest, easiest ways to sell.

You'll Need An Audience!

This webinar shares how to build an audience of interested prospects even if you don't have a mailing list or following yet

How Do They Learn?

You'll discover the fastest, most efficient way to create content that caters to the three main learning styles while adding value

Customers Who Buy Again

People come for the product but stay for the community!  Turn your ongoing support into recurring revenue.


Thank you for such an excellent, practical and grounded session yesterday. You turned all my ideas of sequence on their head by saying we should market the course before we spend time creating it ... which makes perfect sense when you explained why. Thanks again for such an information-packed and constructive session.

Dr Lorraine Gailey

Hearing Partners


Thank you for your time, enthusiasm, encouragement and generosity of ideas and information.

Tom Taylor
Buro Four

An inspiring talk from you. I was debating if I could spare 2 hours of my time on the subject, but am so glad I did.

Liam Flavelle
Trading Replay Ltd


I thought it was excellent and people were really engaged, so that you very much. I’d be keen to run it again at some point next year if you were on for doing this?

Gavin McWhirter

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Your Webinar Host:

Nicola Cairncross

Nicola Cairncross has over 25 years experience of creating profitable online courses after ordering an expensive online course herself from the USA in 1998.  A huge box arrived which Nicola never actually opened - because everything was available for download online!

Over the years, Nicola has helped hundreds of different entrepreneurs, experts and authors turn their expertise into profitable online courses.  Included in this webinar are the marketing skills you'll need to find, build and engage your audience and sell your new course almost effortlessly.

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